About Killer.io Game

Killer.io is a fun brutal classic io game free for all to play against each other online. In the new multiplayer match, you will start off with a murder. The main aim is to kill as many people as possible. Remember that you will face a lot of crazy men on the path! Further, they can appear whenever to cause the death of you.
Roam around the playfield in Killer.io unblocked and you are also joining a dangerous survival adventure. The are is filled with killing and hiding bodies. To finish that Halloween party, you must not get caught. Otherwise, you will lose immediately. Try to destroy the target around the level if you expect to increase your scores! Therefore, you are recommended to avoid doing the same in crowds. Additionally, do not stand next to dead ones or the police will catch you! They are important rules that you need to memorize until you win or unlock upgrades. Good luck!

How To Play Killer.io

Use Arrow keys to control your killer

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