About Inky Snakes.io Game

Inky Snakes.io unblocked focuses on paper snakes with upgraded appearances. If you want to have a new Slither game experience, then Inky Snakes.io is always here for you to play. You are a little snake slithering through a big arena trying to eat lots of pips that are dispersed on the floor. Eating pips will make your size and mass bigger. While you are on the quest for food, you should avoid running into other snakes. Coming in contact with them is not good, especially when you are not ready to fight against them. You can be destroyed in no time, causing the game to be over. But when you are ready for the kill, use your long body to encircle other snakes, or speed up to cut them off. Make them run into your body then take their food to grow up even faster. Try to slither your way to the top of the leaderboard in Inky Snakes.io game! Play it now and check out other Slither style io games too!

Inky Snakes.io
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How To Play Inky Snakes.io

Control the movement of your snake using the mouse and click the left mouse to speed it up.

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