About Chompers.io Game

How fast can you eat and kill enemies? Show off your skills in Chompers.io unblocked now! There are many competitive eating io games released in browsers, including Chompers.io game. In this title, you will lead a cute creature called Chomper around the map to fight off all enemies. On your way, you will kill many bugs to get your mass and size bigger. To defeat other Chompers, you must a weapon of your choice, such as ent’s branch, fish wand, devilish trident, banana club, royal scepter, carrot mace and so forth. As you eat and fight enemies, your experience will be increased, making you bigger. You can even use speed boost ability to run away from the tough enemies or chase your targets. Through over time, you can unlock new Chompers and customize their appearance to your style: hats, shoes, eyes, mouth, weapons. You have a big goal here: become the best Chomper in the arena. Much fun playing Chompers.io free game!

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How To Play Chompers.io

Direct the movement of your Chomper using the mouse. Attack other Chompers and bugs using the left mouse button, speed up to chase your targets or escape away from enemies using the right mouse button.

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