About GooseGame.io Game

You’re on a quest of making your goose bigger in size in GooseGame.io unblocked – a fun io game about the geese. GooseGame.io free online is like other famous games in terms of gameplay, such as Agar.io. However, this title has its own storyline! It’s about the geese that have angered the farmer by taking his stuff. They made him angry, so he decided to lock them away in an enclosure. That place now has become an arena for them to fight one another to see who can survive until the end. Since the food is not enough, all geese must fight for the food. As you eat, your size and mass will get bigger. You can take advantage of your big body to defeat the enemy geese. Stay on the lookout for the geese that are bigger than you. Use your strategies with tactics to outplay them all. Your aim is to become the most powerful goose in the arena. Play GooseGame.io and don’t forget to check out other io games like this!

How To Play GooseGame.io

Use the mouse to move your goose around the arena. Use the left mouse button to attack and hold the right mouse button to speed it up.

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