There are plenty of skins for you to get. With this Guide, you will know how to get skins in easily from the rat to the leopard. has just arrived on the mobile platform but quickly become one of the top-ranked games on Android/iOS devices. free game is not only famous for its awesome gameplay mechanics but also a wide range of features that players can experience while playing, and one of those best features is unlocked skins.

If you are curious about how to unlock new skins so as to look good in the game while trying to beat your opponents, you can find out some requirements for unlocking skins, together with the list of all skins in game.

Requirements to unlock skins

Use your gold coins to unlock skins in game
Use your gold coins to unlock skins in game

In free online, there are some skins you can unlock by trying to finish all achievements, but there are also some skins you have to use your earned gold if you want to get them.

You are able to purchase 2,5000 coins for 0.99$ (or 10,000 for $2.99), however, you should use your real money to get the coins. You still have enough time to gain enough coins in the game then use them to get what you need for free.

The fastest way to obtain all skins in game is to be the first one reaching the finish line and earning the maximum kills in a race. To double your rewards, you should spend a little time watching the bonus video, which can give you up to 400 coins each run.

Useful tips and tricks to win in

There are some tips and tricks for you to get first place in all races in game. You can follow them to get an upper hand on your opponents and quickly reach the top.

The most basic method for you to win is to earn 10 kills each match. To do this, you must bump the bot players from the side so they can be knocked out of the track. In case you are the only one left on the track, you will definitely default to the first place.

Watch an ad video to double your earned gold coins
Watch an ad video to double your earned gold coins

As you try to knock off the bot players, make sure you will not nudge them from the bottom. If you do so, you are just granting them a speed boost rather than pushing them out of the side of the rail.

You should place yourself in front of the enemy bots to make them hit you from the bottom instead of knocking them off the side of the track. This is just like when you bump an enemy from the bottom and you give them a speed boost. If you let the bots do this to you, you will definitely get a speed boost for a short time. Every time you see a bot behind you, make sure you keep staying in front of it to get a speed boost from it.

There are orange blocks that pop up randomly on one or two tiles at the same time. You must dodge them all, or else they will make you go slower if you touch them. If you are using yellow speed boosts, you will find it hard a bit to dodge the orange blocks. However, as soon as you get accustomed to the track layouts, you can find it easier to deal with the blocks. You can tempt the bots toward the blocks then slide out of the way quickly to make the bots hit the blocks.

List of all skins in game

After learning how to get gold quickly in, you will now learn how to unlock all skins that are currently accessible in the game:

The original Boy and Girl skin in
The original Boy and Girl skin in
  • Boy and Girl skin: Boy skin and Girl skin are the original skins you will have once stepping into the game. Those skins appeared when game was first launched.
  • Monkey: Monkey skin is regarded as the skin that costs the least amount of coins to get. To unlock this skin, you only have to use 200 coins for it. All you have to do is to enter the coin store then start watching a 200-coin ad video to unlock the skin instantly.
  • Pig: Pig is also a cute skin you can get by using spending 300 coins to unlock it.
  • Cat: To get this Cat skin, you must use 500 coins to unlock it.
  • Panther: You have to use 800 coins to get the Panther skin.
  • Horse: You have to use 1,500 coins to unlock the Horse.
  • Panda: This skin requires you to have 2,500 coins to unlock it.
  • Leopard: Leopard is the most expensive skin in game when it requires you to have up to 5,000 coins to get it.
Popular skins and more skins will be coming soon
Popular skins and more skins will be coming soon
  • Bear: To unlock the Bear skin, you have to partake in two games overall. This skin is definitely one of the first skins you can unlock, and it is not hard to get it.
  • Cow: To unlock the Cow skin, you must obtain 150 kills in total. You can play as many games as you want until you obtain all the kills.
  • Lion: The requirement for unlocking the Lion skin is that you have to engage in the game for 7 days in a row. Just simply log in, and you don’t have to complete a whole game.
  • Polar Bear: You have to engage in the game for 2 consecutive days. Like the Lion skin, for this one, you also just log in and play it. You don’t have to finish a whole game.
  • Rabbit: You have to revive 10 times to unlock the skin. This means that if you fall off of the track prior to completing a level, you must watch an ad video and play it again. That’s how you revive in the game.
  • Zebra: Make sure you have a total of 20 times completing the race in the first place during the game to unlock the Zebra skin.
  • Rats: To get this skin unlocked, you have to watch 3 ads. Just tap the video button right beside the rat then an ad will appear. You must repeat watching it two more times to unlock the skin.
  • Tiger: You are required to take a leap off of the slide up to 150 times to unlock the Tiger skin. Make sure all the jumps are done in a successful way, which means you have to jump down the next part of the slide.

That’s all for the requirements to unlock skins and for the tips and tricks to earn gold coins in the game, together with the full list of current unlockable skins. More skins will be added to the game. Make sure you stick with game and check out all the latest updates when they are out.

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